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Shoot Through

Here is Jen getting after some Paralette Shoot throughs. Probably one of the the best core exercise you are not doing! No matter the workout, Jen shows up and puts in the work and is one tough cookie. I know this for a fact. I’ve seen her push through WODs even though I could…

Hip Mobility, you can never get enough!

Increase the Range of Motion of the Hip and help stretch your Adductors AKA groin muscles. This will help improve your Lateral movement, Lunges and Squats. You can use your hand to help press the knee out wider. Or rotate through the torso and reach the arm up towards the ceiling. This will rotate the…

Banded Hip Mobility!

Banded Hip Mobility if you sit at a desk all day you will love this one. It targets the Hip Flexors and helps increase the Range of Motion in Hip Extension. Attacking this one with purpose will make a huge difference in the way that you run, jump, and squat. Get those hips open, restore…

We Love Tire Flips!

Odd Objects are some of the best implements to use to improve your GPP. Flipping tires is pretty much a full-body workout. There is nothing you dont use. Upper body and shoulders, chest, biceps, calves, quads and glutes. Doing a bunch of them, as quickley as possible, also builds great lung capacity.