7 Habits to Gain Strength

1. Make the COMMITMENT
Decide that you are going to get stronger and make the commitment to whatever program and duration you want to do. If you commit to 6 weeks, then do everything in your power to do ALL 6 weeks. Don’t quit or fall off because of other commitments you have. You need TO plan and A plan to get stronger so clear your schedule during your lifting times and make no excuses.

2. Make CONSISTENCY a priority
You need to be consistent if you are going to build muscle. That means making it to the right days each week, sticking with the lifts and not skipping vital movements or accessory work, working the correct movement patterns, progressively adding weight, reps and/or sets and getting all your work in. If you are jumping all over and not sticking to the plan, it will be very difficult to build muscle and strength.

Make friends with the people you are lifting with, or even bring your friends in to join you. Encourage each other, spot each other, watch each other’s technique. It amazing how much you can learn just by watching others do the same lifts you are doing. Maybe they are pushing their knees out in such a way that you can finally see that you are not activating your hips enough. Or perhaps they are rounding their back on the deadlift and just by seeing that in action, you can make the change in your lift to better technique. Never underestimate the value of lifting with other people.

4. Bring the CRAZY
If you want to get stronger, you have to get mentally tougher as well. Sometimes you need to dig deep and get pissed off at the bar. Or channel the anger and frustration from work or a relationship into your lifts. You can learn to lift more than you think you are capable of if you can increase your intensity. If music helps, find a song during your heavy sets that will push you. Maybe a nice smack on the back gets you angry and tightens you up. Being intense with a purpose will serve you well as you start lifting heavier weights; but don’t slack on the warm-up sets either, approach each set like it’s a new 1 rep max attempt.

5. Be open to CHANGE
Building muscle takes repetition and consistency, but it also takes make adjustments when and where necessary. Perhaps you have a limitation due to mobility or flexibility. Maybe you are plateauing. Or you may be lacking the strength in a specific muscle that is limiting your ability to make a certain lift. Your program should have designate exercise, set and rep changes in order to keep your muscles adapting but you need to be open to on the fly alterations made by your coach, lifting partners or even yourself in order to continue to make progress. Sometimes one step back is all you need to take three (or more) steps forward.

6. CONSUME more food
When you put a significantly larger load or volume on your muscles, you need added calories to recover. But you also need the added calories to fuel your tough workouts. Make sure you are eating low glycemic carbs and protein 45 min- 1.5 hours BEFORE you workout and high glycemic carbs and protein AFTER you workout. You may also benefit from consuming a small amount of carbs and protein during your workout so long as it doesn’t fill you up and slow you down. You can’t out-train a bad diet and that includes not fueling your body for harder, heavier and more intense lifting.

7. Don’t forget to CHILL
Rest is vital to recovering from the heavier loads that you will be lifting in order to gain strength. Getting at least 7 hours of sleep each night is important, but there are other ways you need to rest as well. Each of our programs has built in de-load weeks or certain days in order to allow your muscles to recover. Our max week is programmed to allow you to fully recover before attempting new PR’s too. Take advantage of the planned rest and don’t forget that it’s OK to WOD a couple days per week too, but don’t over do it or you will not see the gains you are anticipating.



Coach Travis  
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13 Secrets for Fat Loss Success


If fat loss is your goal, follow these guidelines and you will be meeting and exceeding your goals before you know it!

My 10 13 Secrets for Fat Loss Success

  1. CONSISTENCY – This, believe it or not, is the holy grail of fat loss!  Pick your program, follow your program and results will follow!  What is the easiest way to achieve consistency?  Check out secret #2!
  2. ACCOUNTABILITY – Find someone to hold you accountable!  Countless studies have show that having a partner, group or a trainer to hold you accountable will reap far better results than going solo.  Knowing that someone is looking over your shoulder, has expectations of you and has your back will lead to greater success.
  3. JOURNAL – Log what you eat!  Most people massively underestimate the amount that they are eating.  Tracking your food intake for even a few days will open your eyes to a whole new world caloric overload!  It also adds a degree of self-accountability and can help you eat more of the things you actually want to be eating while maintaining a calorie defecit!
  4. EAT MORE PROTEIN – Eating a high protein diet builds muscle and optimizes body composition.  It will also help with satiety, curb hunger and help to promote fat loss.  protien 1
  5. DRINK MORE WATER – Drinking at least half of your body weight in ounces of water will not only help suppress your appetite, it will also hydrate your muscles, which will lead to better workouts!
  6. LEFT HEAVY WEIGHTSNo – you won’t get bulky!  It has been proven time and time again that people who lift weights while dieting to lose fat will lose approximately 40% more fat than those who just diet.  Why?  When you just diet your body has a tendency to lose muscle AND fat.  Lifting promotes fat loss while maintaining lean mass (HELLO CROSSFIT!)
  7. SPRINT – LOVE these for fat loss.  Goes hand in hand with #6.  Long/steady state cardio leads to muscle loss!  Sprints, in a similar way to lifting encourage a metabolic rate increase, allowing you to tap into greater fat loss rates both during AND after the workout.  If you want to read more into the science of this google EPOC!  There is a reason a sprinter looks the way they look vs a long distance runner… think about it!
  8. CREATE A FAIL-SAFE ENVIRONMENT – If it isn’t in your house you can’t eat it!  This is SERIOUSLY one of the most simple ways to create success.  Before starting your program go through your pantry, refrigerator and freezer and toss anything that doesn’t work within the guidelines of your plan.  If that isn’t 100% possible with your living situation then the rule becomes ‘if it isn’t yours you can’t eat it!’
  9. SURROUND YOURSELF WITH LIKE-MINDED PEOPLE – It’s pretty hard to not stick to a plan if you surround yourself with people who inspire, motivate and encourage you! (once again, hello CrossFit!)
  10. TAKE BEFORE PICTURES AND MEASUREMENTS – You will not always get positive feedback from the scale.  Remember though, the goal here is FAT LOSS, not weight loss!  Before pictures and measurements will give you alternative methods of tracking progress and will help keep you motivated and on track if you have a few weeks where there is little movement in the scale!Measure 1
  11. DON’T REMOVE ANYTHING YOU CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT FOREVER – If there is something you LOVE to eat and cannot live without then figure out how to lose weight while keeping it in your diet.  How many people have you seen lose a ton of weight using Atkins only to rediscover bread and gain back the 10lbs they just lost!  If you love it, eat it in moderation – make it work!
  12. ENJOY THE RIDE – Cannot emphasize this one enough!  There are two options.  1 – you complain and feel deprived and over worked for the duration of your program or 2 – you celebrate every good choice and workout completed, you plan ahead for social events and realize that you are making short-term sacrifices for long term success.  Of all the people I train, guess which category of people are the more successful?
  13. NO FADS – Do not give into the fads – no juices, no pills, no shake weights!!  Think about it.  If ANY of these things actually worked there wouldn’t be an obesity crisis.  What works is hard work, consistency, dedication and then some more hard work… PERIOD!Fortget Fad Diets


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