August – Brandon Thomas

Brandon Thomas (2)CFF – We appreciate your continued dedication and especially like that you have been the only one to participate and (I think) complete all the monthly challenges! We would like to feature you in our Athlete Spotlight.  You in?

Brandon – First let me say that I am humbled by the passion and athletic ability of the people within the community you have created. I have never in my life been so challenged, experienced such support, nor looked so forward to continuing to push beyond where I thought I could go.  I am not sure I am worthy of the spotlight, but am honored and again, humbled.

CFF – Brandon tell us a little about your family?
Brandon – My family is a source of support, challenge, and grounding. I am reminded every day how fortunate I am.

CFF – When and how did you start CrossFit?
Brandon – I started CrossFit with a group of friends about two years ago. On day 2 I experienced a soreness I have never felt before or since. But I came back for day 3. And then day 4. And 5. And…

CFF – What is your favorite and least favorite CrossFit movements?
Brandon – Favorite movement: Snatch – because when you get it right, it is beautiful and almost effortless. Least favorite: Snatch – because I seldom get it right.

CFF – Any Words of advice to other CrossFitters and new CrossFitters?
Brandon – I am not much for giving advice, but I would say this: To me CrossFit is all about challenging myself both physically and mentally. It is fun because it is hard. So I break seemingly insurmountable things into small achievements. It’s all about small victories. Embrace them all.

Brandon – And I’ll put one back on you: I have truly learned a lot about myself and gained so much being part of this community, and through your coaching. Two things have really stuck with me:

1.You’ve got to fail to grow
2.And in the spirit of growth, when given the choice to run or row, choose the one you would rather not do.

Thank you both!