Getting to know Coach Travis


Coach Travis  
Crossfit Level One, CrossFit Judges Course, ISSA Certification, CPR/First Aid Certified,USASF Certified, AACCA Certified

Outside the Box:
I grew up right next door in Woodinville.  I played football and was a thrower in high school and went on to be a cheerleader at the University of Washington and the University of Tennessee.  I also played football at UW for a year and was the Track Manager for 5 years.  (I went to school about as long as Doctors do)
My biggest life accomplishment…which is still in progress, is raising my son Braden.  I spent 1.5 years raising him all on my own.  I’m trying to teach him how to be a good and decent man and I love him more than anything in this world!
I’m kind of a homeboy so on a weekend night I’m usually just sitting at home watching a movie or playing with Braden.  Sometimes I can gather up the drive it takes to venture out into the night and hang out with friends.  I enjoy going to the gun range, bowling, playing pool, comedy shows and Cowgirls Inc.!
My guilty pleasures are pretty much anything peanut butter and chocolate, brownies, cakes, doughnuts, cupcakes…….the list is so long.
My favorite healthy meal is probably eggs and oatmeal, my typical breakfast.
I don’t really care about sports that much (except fitness and cheerleading) but UW football is by far my favorite.
Inside the Box:
I’ve been coaching CrossFit for almost a year now.  I was a personal trainer for 3 years before that and also trained for Powerlifting.  I’ve been a cheer coach for about 20 years and worked out in some awesome collegiate facilities since 1994 so I have been in the fitness industry in some capacity for a long time.
I don’t really have favorite of anything but if I had to pick a CrossFit movement it would be HSPU….I’m not very good at them but I like them.  Once back flips become a regular occurrence, that will be my new favorite.  As for benchmarks, I like Helen (even though it has running) and I want to do Diane because I think that will be my favorite.  My favorite Hero so far is Nate, mostly because I finally did it RX and linked my muscle ups every round.
I think you all know that if I choose the music it’s going to be a pop song by Ke$ha, or Katy Perry or P!nk…..If I’m going for a PR then it’ll be something harder like Marilyn Manson or similar and when I’m just lifting, I like to put on the Fall Out Boy station on Pandora.
Speaking of PR’s, I have a few lately that I’m excited about.  I push pressed 270#, and Clean and Jerked 295# this summer.  Last week, I did 25 muscle ups in 12:38.  I also did some pistols in which my right heel stayed on the ground, which doesn’t sound like a big deal but it was about the best thing to happen to me since I started CrossFit!!
I’m not sure there was a singular event that inspired me to become a CrossFit Coach….it was more that I wanted an excuse to spend more time in the gym lifting, WODing and learning new movements.  Having been a coach for so long, it was kind of a natural progression for me.  I’ve really enjoyed learning the nuances of coaching CrossFit movements and individuals over the past year.  I’d say my best experience coaching so far has been the first Specialized Strength Program that I ran in the Summer.  The improvement from each person in the program and just working with each person on their individual strengths and weaknesses was rewarding and a lot of fun. I’m really looking forward to the continued improvement from those that do the program in the future!  One of the most inspiring athletes for me has been Ian Gelfer.  He has really stepped up his dedication and commitment over the past few months and is putting in the work necessary to improve in every aspect.  Not only is his strength increasing, but his mobility is improving by leaps and bounds, he is becoming more knowledgable in technique and he has been willing to be my test dummy for some @inappropriate_spotting!! (shameless plug)
My favorite tip or cue, at least right now, is “pull your shoulders back”.  Not only does it help with overall posture, but it really makes all lifts easier and mechanically superior. From deadlift, to snatch, bench press, squats and pull-ups, there’s not a movement that don’t benefit from properly set shoulders.
My biggest goal is to make the Top 200 Worldwide in the 40-44 Master’s Division this year in the Open.  If I make that, I get to do the second round of workouts to try to get to the Top 20 and go to the Games.  I know the Games are out of reach right now, but I calculated where I would have been last year and I came in at 363.  So, hopefully, I can move up 163 spots and do a few more WOD’s this upcoming year!
Finally, my advice for new CrossFitters.  Don’t stop.  Keep coming, even when you’re sore or tired or bored.  Your health is the most important in your life, for without it, there is no life.  I’ve done a myriad of fitness protocols throughout my life and CrossFit has by far made me stronger, more cardiovascularly healthy, more flexible and more mentally tough than any of them.  Know that the people in the gym that you interact with everyday are behind you every step of the way and want to see you be your best self.  There is nothing more motivating than knowing there are a 100 people out there that want you to succeed beyond anything you could have imagined.

Getting to know Coach Karen?

One On 1 CoachingCoach Karen: BA(Hons) Business Degree, CrossFit Level 1, CrossFit Judges Course, NASM Certified Personal Trainer, NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist, NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialist, CPR/AED


I grew up in North West England and have a younger brother who is also addicted to CrossFit, thanks to the international influence of Fuse!

Outside of coaching I am a Personal Trainer 50% of the time and I work in website QA the other 50%.  I’m also mum to 2 ridiculously energetic and wonderfully spirited little boys!

While Crossfit does take up the majority of my free time I also love to paddle board, am often found running the local trails and read as much and as often as I can.

My biggest achievement in life has to be setting myself a goal and actually following through and achieving it.  Having been heavy in my youth I always swore that if I ever managed to get to a healthy weight I would become a personal trainer and pay it forward.  This year my business has finally started to take off and I am actually making a go of it.

My guilty pleasures are chocolate, margaritas, ketchup and I drink more coffee than you’d believe.

My favorite healthy meals are just plain steak or chicken fajitas in lettuce wraps – SO GOOD!

My favorite American sports team would have to be the Seahawks.

INSIDE the Box:

 I have been coaching CrossfFit for almost 2 years and have worked in the fitness industry for 8.  I decided to become a coach because I love helping people move their bodies better and more efficiently.  I also am a big believer in making yourself uncomfortable – coaching is way harder than it looks.  I loved Fuse the second I walked through the door so it was like a dream come true when Troy approached me about coaching. It is also truly the most awesome feeling to help someone achieve something they never dreamed possible.

My favorite CrossFit movement is the clean, my favorite WODs are Grace, Karen and Filthy Fifty.  My number one workout we’ve ever done at Fuse though was Fran gone Nutts – that was pretty spectacular!

The athlete currently inspiring me the most is Maggie Bowman.  We did a nutrition skill session a few weeks ago and she has been ridiculously devoted to the program and has had incredible results.  She has dropped some serious weight, is WODing like a champ and I have yet to see the girl without a huge smile plastered on her face!

The other person who I’ve loved watching is Coach Brad.  One of his first WODs at Fuse was with me as his partner and I’ve never heard someone apologize so many times (and I’m British!) Every 5 minutes he said he was sorry for sucking so bad.  Now he is stronger and faster than I’m sure he ever dreamed possible and it was pretty awesome to be able to watch his transition from the sidelines.  Nice job Brad!

My favorite coaching cue is ‘brace your midline’ and variations of it.  There isn’t a single thing we do as CrossFit athletes or human beings that cannot benefit from a properly braced core.

My biggest goat at CrossFit is Toes to Bar.  I try, oh how I try, but still they escape me!  Currently what am I doing to counter it?  Nothing – they suck!   After writing this, I swear to devote at least 30 minutes a week to getting better!

My advice to any new Crossfitter would be to remember why you walked through the doors in the first place.  Number one spot on the board WAS NOT IT!  Work hard, listen to your body and your coach and you will not go wrong!  And of course, protein, protein, protein!