Looking for FAST Results?  Our Boot-Camp style class focus on fun, fast paced workouts, our methods will maximize your potential regardless of your current  fitness level.  We keep exercise fun and exciting, utilizing functional movements performed at high intensity to quickly build strength and endurance while promoting Fat Loss. 

      • Be here. Don’t miss class. We’ll GUARANTEE results. But only if you do your part.
      • Being fit now is NOT a prerequisite to Bootcamp. You don’t have to be fit to start you, do need to start to be fit!
      • Men and Women looking to overcome their obstacles and achieve their goals will benefit from joining this program.
      • Once you join, “Can’t” is no longer in your vocabulary. You WILL be successful. You WILL be healthier.  You WILL be fitter than ever.
      • Our coaches will show you EVERYTHING you need to do to be successful, every step of the way. NO MORE GUESSING.
      • What’s holding you back? Text “yes” to reserve your spot or give us a call at 425-861-4996 before boot camp sells out.
      • Bootcamp always sells out!

Our expert certified coaches are trained to motivate, inspire and help you achieve your fitness and nutrition goals.  After just a few weeks of the FUSE Bootcamp you’ll feel refreshed, full of energy, and ready to continue the fitness and nutrition journey that you started.  Bring a positive attitude and help us create an environment everyone will love. If you’re a man or woman looking to overcome obstacles and achieve your goals, you’ll fit right in at the Fuse Bootcamp.

Camp Starts Tuesday November 3rd and continues on Tuesday and Thursdays mornings at 9:30AM. 

Text “bootcamp” to (425)-861-4996 for more information, or “yes” to get on the list, Or you can Leave your information here and a Coach will contact you! 

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