CrossFit Classes

At CrossFit FUSE our, Mobility, Warm Up,  Skill/Strength, WOD, and Cool-Down, are all designed to complement each other.  We teach you how to safely do the movements and how to improve them.  Every class is designed to help you learn and master both basic and advanced movements & concepts.  Ultimately leading to you getting fitter, stronger and leaner and making you ready for anything!  All you have to do is show up ready to give it your best for 1 hour out of the day.

Technique, Consistency, then Intensity.

We are a goal oriented CrossFit gym, and design your fitness training to be effective, appropriate for your current level, and never boring.  We offers several unique programs and classes to help you reach your personal fitness goals.


ONE on ONE Coaching

Working one-on-one, our certified, expert Coaches who can tailor workouts to your current fitness level and move forward building your fitness base specific to your goals.  Maybe you have a crazy schedule or are more comfortable working out one on one.  We can do that.

Maybe you are already crushing WOD times, and there is that one movement your not so good at yet.  We offer  Skill Sessions: tailored to fit exactly what you, the athlete is looking to accomplish. This is an opportunity for you to choose any skill you wish to have some extra, individualized coaching on.

Whether you are looking to improve in CrossFit, Olympic Lifting, Kettlebells, Nutrition, or Yoga.  Skill Sessions are the best way to get extra attention and focus on what you need as an individual to be the most successful in achieving your fitness goals.


Beginner CrossFit Classes:

Are you new to CrossFit? Been a way for a while and need to get back on track? Need to dial in the basics some more? Our Beginner CrossFit classes are specifically designed with brand new CrossFitters in mind!  These Classes focus on the fundamentals each and every class, AND you get to be a part of our incredible Community. Whether you are a novice or seasoned CrossFitter, this class is great for perfecting movements!

More detailed description………………… 

All Levels CrossFit Classes:

All Skill Levels are welcome, yet this is an ALL Levels Class, that relies heavily on your own personal responsibility.  You may be working out along side Navy Seals and Grandmas.  This class provides each and every member at CrossFit FUSE the best possible workout, coaching, and program design possible, and is scalable to your current skill level and level of progression.

Beginners are welcome.  Yet encouraged to attend the Beginner classes until they are familiar with the Fundamental movements of CrossFit, and Class structure.  Also you must have developed the proper habits to warm up, know your limits and be able to scale your workouts, as well as perform a cool down.

These classes are simply designed with schedule in mind.  So if you can only make it it at this time, we understand.   However, you may not get the coaching attention you desire.

Be prepared to know your limits and scale your workout!



We also offer our Specialty Programs through out the year, like:

-Functional Mobility Clinic put on by Dr. Raymond Sue, DC, CSCS, ACP with Airrosti.  Talking with us about mobility and soft tissue rehab.

-Olympic Lifting Clinic (Beginner) Get your form evaluated by an National Level Lifter.