Level Testing

CrossFit Levels

Use these levels as a way to measure where you are and what you can work on to become a better athlete. They are not meant to be a hard set of rules to stick to, but more of a guidance tool that can help you take a real look at your strengths and weaknesses. They are not one-size-fits-all and most athletes will have a natural tendency to excel in some areas while remaining weaker in others. While this is true, don’t be the person working on upper level skills without possessing the bulk of markers in the lower levels . Importantly, don’t use them as a way to judge yourself or become impatient for not advancing as fast as you’d like. Each person will spend more or less time developing these attributes and some may stay at a certain level all their lives. The important part is the journey and to work toward being the best you can be.

Level 1 – Beginner

(un/deconditioned beginner, or recovering from injury)

This level is the minimum standard for healthy living. If starting from scratch this level may take 6 to 12 months to achieve.

Level 1 Standards

Category Work Specifics
BW Squat Air Squats 30 Reps, Lumbar Curve, Depth, Heels
BW Push Strict Push-Ups Strict, men: 5  women:1
BW Pull Banded Pull-Up Blue band:  Men: 5,   women: 3
BW Static Handstand Hold :15/:10 Seconds supported
BW Dynamic Forward Roll 3 Forward Rolls
WT Squat BSQ 5 Reps @ 3/4 BW Men, 3/5 BW Women
WT Pull Deadlift 3 Reps @ BW Men, 3/4 BW Women
WT Dynamic Kettlebell Swing 30 Unbroken Russian Swings 20kg/16kg
WC Mono Mile run Sub 10 Minutes
WC Mono 500m Row Men 2:05, Women 2:20
WC Benchmark Modified “Fran” 21-15-9 Reps for time: Dumbbell 25/15, Ring Row Sub 10 Min
WC Benchmark Modified “Cindy” AMRAP 20 Min: 5 Ring Rows, 10 Knee Push-ups, 15 Squats (10+   Rounds)
WC Benchmark Modified “Kelly” 3 Rounds: Run 400m, 20 Box Jumps 20/16, 20 Wall Ball Shots   14/10 8′  Sub 20

Level 2 – Novice

(CrossFitting/exercising regularly for a few months)

This level athlete demonstrates consistent technique in the basic movements  and is developing some work capacity and strength. This can take anywhere from 6 months to years to achieve.

Level 2 Standards

Category Work Specifics
BW Squat Tabata Squat Lowest Round 10 or more
BW Push Strict Push-Ups Men 15 Reps, Women 5 Reps
BW Pull Pull-Up Men 1Rx, Women 1 White Band
BW Static Parallette Support :20, tucked body
BW Dynamic Ring Inversion Able to get inverted without spot or heel hooking straps
WT Squat OHS 5 Reps at 75/55
WT Squat BSQ 1RM – 1.25xBW, BW Women
WT Pull Deadlift 1RM – 1.5xBW Men, 1.15xBW Women
WT Dynamic Power Clean 1RM – .75xBW Men, .6xBW Women
WC Mono Mile run Sub 9 Min
WC Mono 500m Row 1:55/2:05
WC Benchmark Modified “Christine” @ .75x BW Men (@ .6x BW Women) in Sub 15
WC Benchmark Modified “Grace” Sub 6  95/65
WC Benchmark Modified “Fran” Sub 10 65/45 Blue Band Kipping

Level 3 – Intermediate

This level athlete demonstrates solid general fitness and both good absolute strength and strength to bodyweight ratio, and also has developed some of the more advanced skills used in CrossFit. Many athletes will work up to and spend their entire fitness careers in and around this level.

Level 3 Standards

Category Work Specifics
BW Squat Pistol 1 Each Leg
BW Push Push-Ups 25/15
BW Pull Pull-Ups 10 and 5
BW Static Ring Support :20, Mature
BW Dynamic Kipping Pull-ups 15/10
WT Squat BSQ 1RM – 1.5x BW Men, 1.25x BW Women
WT Squat OHS 1RM – 1x BW Men, .6x BW Women
WT Pull Deadlift 1RM 2x BW Men, 1.6x BW Women
WT Dynamic Clean 1RM – BW Men, .75xBW Women
WT Dynamic Snatch 1RM – .75x BW Men, .6x BW Women
WT   Dynamic KB Swing 30 Unbroken American 2 pood Men,   1.5 Pood Women
WC Mono Double Unders 50 Unbroken
WC Mono 500m Row 1:45/2:00
WC Mono 5K run Sub 25
WC Mono 1 Mile Run Sub 8 Minutes
WC Benchmark “Fran” as Rx’d: Sub 8/9 Minutes
WC Benchmark “Cindy” as Rx’d: Score >14/12 Rounds
WC Benchmark “Christine” as Rx’d: Sub 15


Level 4 – Advanced

This level is appropriate for the competitive Crossfitter (regional level) or someone who depends upon an advanced level of fitness for their career. This level athlete is pushing the limits of their abilities in both absolute strength and strength to bodyweight ratio, stamina, power, and skill. Few people reach this level though anyone can achieve it through consistent hard effort, smart training, and good recovery practices.

Level 4 Standards

Category Work Specifics
BW Squat Pistols 5, Each leg
BW Push Push-Ups 40/25 Unbroken
BW Pull L Pull-Ups 10/5 Unbroken
BW Push Ring Dip 12/6 Unbroken
BW Dynamic Kipping Pull-Ups 30/20 Unbroken
BW Static Handstand Hold :15 Unsupported
BW Push HSPU 10/5 Unbroken
BW Static Front or Back Lever Single Leg Tuck, :05 Hold
WT Squat BSQ 1RM – 1.75x BW Men, 1.5 x BW Women
WT Squat OHS 1RM – 1.25x BW, BW Women
WT Pull Deadlift 1RM – 2.25x BW Men, 2x BW Women
WT Push Press 1RM – 1xBW Men, .75xBW
WT Dynamic Snatch 1RM – 1x BW Men, 3/4 BW Women
WT Dynamic Clean 1RM – 1.25x BW Men, BW   Women
WT Dynamic Kettlbell Swings 45 Unbroken American Swings 2p/1.5p
WC Mono 500m Row 1:35/1:50
WC Mono 1 Mile Run Sub 7:00
WC Mono Double Unders 120 in 2 Minutes
WC Benchmark Fran Sub 5:00/7:00 as Rx’d
WC Benchmark Cindy 21/18 Rounds
WC Benchmark FGB > 325/300 Points
WC Benchmark 30 Muscle Ups FT Sub 10:00/15:00