Jump RopeLook…I am 43, not in the best of shape, and do not really like working out. Until I started going to CrossFit Fuse in January, 2012. 🙂
I had heard about how hardcore CrossFit types were and watched the videos of these young, super-in-shape people doing all of these amazing things. I was actually a bit intimidated. However, I still wanted to give it a try.
Troy (the owner) and the other members made me feel right at home when I arrived. I learned that CrossFit Fuse is all about you pushing yourself to do as much as you can. It is not about trying to be as strong or as tough as the person next to you, but about constantly trying to challenge yourself and to improve on your previous performance. The people at CrossFit Fuse help through positive encouragement and modifying workouts if needed to meet your ability level. Now don’t get me wrong, it is still a workout that will kick your rear, but the key is when you are done you feel you have accomplished something. That is cool.
I started in January going 2x per week, then moved to 3x, and am now trying to go 4x per week. I am addicted. I still do not look like the people you see in the videos, but darn it I am getting better everyday and feel stronger and healthier as well.
I love CrossFit Fuse!!!
Come join the gang!!!
-Steve W.

BNI dropped into this box while on the road and I had a great experience. I took a look at their web site and yelp before coming in and showed up unannounced to a morning WOD. The owners and athletes were all very welcoming and I immediately felt right at home. Members were friendly and really went out of their way to help me with equipment and getting acquainted with the box. They have a great space and coach was attentive and a breeze to work with! Its nice to know you can drop in even when you’re far from home and enjoy great Crossfit community.
-Blanka N.

ACWhat can I say more about a CrossFit Gym that has about all the toys one CrossFitter needs….If you are looking for a dynamic box with a great coaching this is your spot.
-Aaron C. 


DDDI have much to be grateful to CrossFit for. 4 years ago I was overweight, smoking, and my liver enzymes were through the roof. Just got my liver test results today and they are AWESOME! YAY!
-Daniel Deptford


My Cholesterol levels have dropped by half, dress size changed by 3 and weight dropped by almost 12 pounds (in 60 days).  The rubber meets the road at the box! I brought my will to the box and the awesome community of CrossFit Fuse members showed me the way!  My resolve to “Change my body for the better” continues to grow working out with each one of you!  Thank you Neha for introducing me to CrossFit Fuse it has been a tremendous support before and after the WLC!
– Jyotsna Dixit